Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduate Course Homepages

As a complement to the official Course Calendar of the School of Graduate Studies and Research, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering provides more detailed graduate course information. This is a general listing and these courses are generally offered once per year, either in the Fall or Winter terms. A few courses are offered in alternating years. Please check with the course instructor or the Graduate Program Assistant about which ECE courses are offered in the current academic year.

CBME 801 -Topics in Biomedical Engineering

ELEC 811 - Biological Signal Analysis
ELEC 823 - Signal Processing
ELEC 824 - Machine Vision
ELEC 827 - Multimedia Signal Processing
ELEC 831 - Power Electronics
ELEC 832 - Modeling and Control of Switching Power Converters
ELEC 836 - Power Systems Design for Telecommunications
ELEC 837 - High Power Electronics
ELEC 841 - Nonlinear Systems: Analysis and Identification
ELEC 843 - Control of Discrete-Event Systems
ELEC 848 - Control Systems Design for Robots and Telerobots
ELEC 852 - Broadband Integrated Circuits
ELEC 853 - Silicon RF and Microwave Circuits
ELEC 854 - Microwave Circuits and Systems
ELEC 858 - Principles of Microwave Imaging and Remote Sensing
ELEC 861 - Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes
ELEC 862 - Wireless Mobile Communications
ELEC 863 - Topics in Optical Communications
ELEC 864 - WDM Fibre Optic Communications Systems
ELEC 865 - Coding Theory
ELEC 866 - Signal Detection and Estimation
ELEC 867 - Data Communications

ELEC 868 - Simulation of Optical Communications Systems
ELEC 869 - MIMO Communications Systems
ELEC 871 - Shared-Memory Multiprocessor Systems
ELEC 873 - Cluster Computing
ELEC 875 - Design Recovery and Automated Evolution
ELEC 876 - Software Re-engineering