Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduate Course Information

Graduate Course Registration Information

  • All graduate AND undergraduate courses must be registered on paper using an Academic Change Form and approved by your supervisor
  • Do not register using SOLUS (online)
  • When registering for a course, you must indicate whether the course will be primary or secondary to your program
  • All courses which are part of your required program must be listed as primary
  • All primary courses require a pass mark of B- or 2.7 or 70%
  • Courses taken outside the department and that are used to meet degree requirements should be in a related field to the student's research and must have course instructor's approval
  • It is the student's responsibility to adhere to the guidelines for dropping and adding courses by the relevant deadlines. Refer to the School of Graduate Studies website
  • ECE Graduate Course Timetable

Courses taken in addition to the program requirements should be listed as secondary and, as such, will not be subject to the requirement of a minimum, second-class honours grade. Only under exceptional circumstances will it be possible to change the status of a "secondary" course to that of "primary" as long the mark is above B- or 2.7 or 70%. Courses may also be "audited" and will be so listed on your transcript. You will be required to contact the instructor for such courses and have him or her initial your registration form. Instructors are asked to confirm your attendance at the end of term before credit is given. Students who audit graduate courses may be required to participate in assignments but not examinations; consult the instructor beforehand.