Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduate Student Seminar Guidelines

In order to graduate, each graduate student is required to attend the Department Distinguished Speaker Series. Seminars will be held throughout the Fall and Winter terms and tend to be held on Thursday beginning at 2:00 pm.

If a conflict arises and you are not able to attend the alloted seminar, please send an email with the reason to the Graduate Program Assistant. Acceptable examples are:

  • Conflict because of TA duties
  • Conflict because of scheduling of courses required for your degree requirements
  • Conference attendance or otherwise out of town (with legitimate reasons)
  • Absenses due to illness

ELEC 891 - Seminar Course

To achieve a PASS grade in the Seminar Course (ELEC 891), students must attend the majority (or more than half) of the Department Distinguished Speaker Series during their graduate programs. Seminar attendance is monitored using a student card reader, so please ensure you bring your student card when attending any of the seminars. Students with legitimate excuses and/or teaching conflicts will not be penalized for missing seminars. Students who do not attend the majority of more than half of the seminars during their programs will obtain a FAIL grade and they cannot graduate. Therefore, the students are strongly encouraged to attend the seminars as many as possible, strongly preferably evey single seminar.

To view seminar schedules please click here.