Electrical and Computer Engineering

ELEC 293/294

Electrical and Computer Engineering Laboratory

Fall - ELEC 293; Winter - ELEC 294

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

ELEC 293 and 294 are the introductory laboratory courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering. In these courses, you will explore fundamental ideas in circuits, digital systems, electromagnetics, electromagnetic machines, and electronics in a hands-on setting. In the 293/294 labs, you will learn how to:

  • build prototype circuits and test the circuits using electronic test and measurement equipment
  • simulate circuit operation using circuit simulation software
  • design and build digital circuits using a digital logic development board
  • use dedicated lab stations to explore how electric machines work
  • explore transmission lines and inductance

Course Information

Course Instructor
David S. Lay
E-mail: david.lay@queensu.ca

Teaching Assistants (TA's)

  • TA names and e-mail addresses will be published in Moodle

Lab Schedule

  • See Moodle for the lab schedule and materials

Course Marking

Marks are based on lab reports. Reports should be handed in at the lab, one week after the exercise is performed, unless otherwise indicated in Moodle.

If you are handing a report in late, put it in the mailbox outside BMH300 and tell the instructor by e-mail that you have done so.

Missed labs - missed labs should be made up as early as possible. Contact the course instructor to make arrangements to make up the lab.

Late lab reports - 1 mark per day will be deducted for late lab reports, unless you have made prior arrangements with the course instructor to hand your report in late.

Additional Information

ELEC 293 Course Timetable

  • Will be published on Moodle

All labs are held in the third floor plaza of the Integrated Learning Centre (BMH-314)

ELEC 293/294 Course Requirements

All students must have a course text and toolkit. These are available at the campus bookstore.

Course Text: ELEC 293 and 294 Lab Manuals. This year these are published separately.

These manuals contain background notes for the labs in electric circuits, digital circuits, electric motors and electromagnetics, and electronics; preparatory problems; and lab exercises with answer sheets.

Toolkit: The lab toolkit contains

  • oscilloscope probe
  • meter leads
  • wire cutters/strippers
  • needle-nose pliers
  • BNC-BNC cable
  • BNC-banana cable
  • BNC-alligator cable

Last Updated 19 August 2013.