Electrical and Computer Engineering

Responsibilities of Students

The Electrical and Computer Engineering programs are professional programs, leading to degrees which along with the necessary training and experience will permit graduates to become registered as Professional Engineers. Students in the programs are expected to act in a professional manner. This includes:

  • showing respect for others
  • using facilities provided for study and work within the department and the university responsibly
  • adhering to the Queen's University Code of Conduct
  • knowing and abiding by departmental, faculty and university policies, including the policy on Academic Integrity
  • check the department website regularly and read department emails for departmental announcements
  • Taking responsibility for your own learning. It is your responsibility to:
    • learn the required material in each course
    • demonstrate that you have learned and understand the material on assigned work, tests, midterms and exams.

The course instructors and teaching assistants are here to help you in this process. However, it is your responsibility to do the following:

  • Participate in lectures, tutorials and laboratory exercises
    If you choose to miss lectures or tutorials, you should not expect the course instructor or TA to fill you in on what you have missed; it's up to you to catch up with the course material.
  • Be active in learning the course material
    This includes working independently, or within a group on assigned or suggested problems and reports, and submitting only work which has been done by you, in the case of independent work, or to which you have made a contribution, in the case of group work.
  • Inform course instructors promptly regarding missed laboratories, tests and/or quizzes
    If you know that you will miss a laboratory, quiz or midterm, because of a conflict with another course or a religious holiday, you should inform the course instructor as soon as you are aware of the conflict. If you missed a laboratory, quiz or midterm due to illness, or unforeseen circumstances, you should inform the instructor as soon as you can afterwards. You must make arrangements with the instructor to make up for the missed work.
  • Seek help when you encounter difficulties in a course.
    If you are having trouble understanding course material, you should contact the course instructor or TA during office hours for help. If you cannot attend the office hours, contact the instructor or TA by e-mail to set up an appointment.

You can also take advantage of the Queen's Writing Centre and Tutoring Services.

If you have a disability and require assistance contact Disability Services.

Seek help and advice when you encounter difficulties with your program
The first person you should contact is your year advisor. S/he will help you sort out your difficulties. If you have serious problems, the year advisor may suggest that you speak with the Undergraduate Chair for your program.

For more information on policies and procedures see the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science website.

For information on Professional Engineering registration in Ontario see Professional Engineers Ontario.