Electrical and Computer Engineering

Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate courses available for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering are listed and categorized below based on the year, type, and the terms offered for the 2017-2018 academic year (Spring/ Summer (S), Fall (F), and/or Winter (W)). "N/O" means a course will not be offered in the 2017-2018.

2nd Year

Course Number/Title
ELEC 221: Electric Circuits Common Core F
ELEC 252: Electronics I Common Core W
ELEC 270: Discrete Mathematics with Computer Engineering Applications CMPE Core W
ELEC 271: Digital Systems Common Core F
ELEC 273: Numerical Methods and Optimization ELEC Core W
ELEC 274: Computer Architecture  Common Core W
ELEC 278: Fundamentals of Information Structures Common Core F
ELEC 279: Introduction to Object Oriented Proramming CMPE Core W
ELEC 280: Fundamentals of Electromagnetics Common Core W
ELEC 299: Mechatronics Project Common Core W
APSC 200: Engineering Design and Practice II Common Core F
APSC 293: Engineering Communications I Common Core F
COMM 201: Introduction to Business for Entrepreneurs Innovation F
MTHE 228: Complex Analysis ELEC Core W
MTHE 235: Differential Equations for Electrical and Computer Engineers Common Core F

3rd Year

Course Number/Title
ELEC 323: Continuous-Time Signals and Systems ELEC Core F
ELEC 324: Discrete-Time Signals and Systems ELEC Core W
ELEC 326: Probability and Random Processes Common Core F
ELEC 353: Electronics II  ELEC Core F
ELEC 371: Microprocessor Interfacing and Embedded Systems Common Core F
ELEC 373: Computer Networks CMPE Core W
ELEC 374: Digital Systems Engineering CMPE Core W
ELEC 377: Operating Systems CMPE Core F
ELEC 381: Applications of Electromagnetics ELEC Core F
ELEC 390: Electrical and Computer Engineering Design Common Core W
APSC 221: Economics and Business Practices in Engineering Common Core F/W/S
ENPH 336: Solid State Devices ELEC Core W
CMPE 223: Software Specifications CMPE Opt. Core* W
CMPE 320: Fundamentals of Software Development CMPE Opt. Core* F
CMPE 365: Algorithms I CMPE Core F

4th Year

Course Number/Title
ELEC 490: Electrical Engineering Project ELEC Core Full Year
ELEC 498: Computer Engineering Project CMPE Core Full Year

Elective Courses

Course Number/Title
ELEC 273: Numerical Methods and Optimization CMPE (List A) W
ELEC 323: Continuos-Time Signals and Systems CMPE (List A) F
ELEC 324: Discrete-Time Signals and Systems CMPE (List A) W
ELEC 333: Electric Machines ELEC (List A) F
ELEC 344: Sensors and Actuators Common (List A) F
ELEC 353: Electronics II CMPE (List A) F
ELEC 373: Computer Networks Common (List A) W
ELEC 408: Biomedical Signal and Image Processing Common (List A) F
ELEC 409: Bioinformatic Analytics Common (List A) N/O
ELEC 421: Digital Signal Processing: Filters and System Design Common (List A) F
ELEC 422: Digital Signal Processing: Random Models and Applications Common (List A) N/O
ELEC 431: Power Electronics Common (List A) F
ELEC 433: Energy and Power Systems ELEC (List A) W
ELEC 436: Electric Machines and Control ELEC (List A) N/O
ELEC 443: Linear Control Systems Common (List A) W
ELEC 444: Modeling and Computer Control of Mechatronic Systems Common (List A) W
ELEC 448: Introduction to Robotics: Mechanics and Control Common (List A) W
        Or MECH 456: Introduction to Robotics Common (List A) W
ELEC 451: Digital Integrated Circuit Engineering Common (List A) F
ELEC 454: Analog Electronics Common (List A) W
ELEC 457: Integrated Circuits and System Applications Common (List A) N/O
ELEC 461: Digital Communications Common (List A) N/O
ELEC 464: Wireless Communications Common (List A) F
ELEC 470: Computer System Architecture Common (List A) N/O
ELEC 474: Machine Vision Common (List A) N/O
ELEC 483: Microwave and RF Circuits and Systems ELEC (List A) N/O
ELEC 486: Fibre Optic Communications ELEC (List A) N/O
ELEC 497: Research Project Common (List A) S/FW
APSC 381: Advanced Design and Skills for Innovation Full Year
CHEE 400: Technology, Engineering and Management (TEAM) Common (List B) Full Year
APSC 480: Multi-Disciplinary Industry Engineering Design Project   Full Year
CHEE 340: Biomedical Engineering ELEC (List B) W
CHEE 436: System Identification ELEC (List B) F
CISC 3XX: 3rd year Computing Science ELEC (List B) TBA
CISC 4XX: 4th year Computing Science ELEC (List B) TBA
CMPE 434: Distributed Systems CMPE (List B) N/O
CMPE 452: Neural and Genetic Computing CMPE (List B) F
CMPE 457: Image Processing & Computer Vision CMPE (List B) F
CMPE 458: Programming Language Processors CMPE (List B) W
ENPH 460: Laser Optics ELEC (List B) W
MECH 393: Biomechanical Product Development ELEC (List B) F
MECH 423: Introduction to Microsystems ELEC (List B) F
MECH 455: Computer Integrated Manufacturing ELEC (List B) W
MECH 478: Biomaterials ELEC (List B) F
MECH 494: Kinematics of Human Motion ELEC (List B) F
MTHE 337: Introduction to Operations Research Models ELEC (List B) W
MTHE 367: Engineering Data Analysis ELEC (List B) W
MTHE 430: Modern Control Theory ELEC (List B) W
MTHE 455: Stochastic Processes and Applications ELEC (List B) F
MTHE 472: Control of Stochastic Systems ELEC (List B) W
MTHE 474: Information Theory ELEC (List B) F
MTHE 477: Data Compression and Source Coding ELEC (List B) W
MTHE 478: Topics in Comm. Theory ELEC (List B) N/O
CMPE 327: Software Quality Assurance CMPE (List B) F
SOFT 437: Performance Analysis CMPE (List B) N/O
CMPE 204: Logic for Computing Science CMPE (List C) F
CMPE 322: Software Architecture CMPE (List C) N/O
CMPE 332: Database Management Systems CMPE (List C) W
CMPE 333: Introduction to Data Mining CMPE (List C) F
CMPE 365: Algorithms I CMPE (List C) F
CMPE 422: Formal Methods in Software Engineering CMPE (List C) N/O
CMPE 432: Advanced Database Systems CMPE (List C) N/O
CMPE 454: Computer Graphics CMPE (List C) W
ENPH 336: Solid State Devices CMPE (List C) W
CMPE 325: Human-Computer Interaction CMPE (List C) W
CMPE 326: Game Architecture CMPE (List C) F
SOFT 423: Software Requirements CMPE (List C) W
CMPE 425: Advanced User Interface Design CMPE (List C) N/O

Service Courses

Course Number/Title
Course Number/Title Type Year2017-18
ELEC 210: Introductory Electric Circuits and Machines Service** W
ELEC 310: Introductory Analog Electronic and Digital Circuits Service** F

* CMPE Optional Core: Computer engineering students must choose at least one of these two core courses (CMPE223 or CMPE320)
** Service Courses: 

These courses are available to non-ECE students.

Students with diverse learning styles and needs are welcome and appreciated at Queen's ECE. In particular, if you have a disability or health consideration that may require accommodation, please feel free to approach your instructor and/or the Wellness Services Office as soon as possible at (613) 533-2506. The Wellness Services staff are available by appointment to develop individualized accommodation plans, provide referrals, and assist with advocacy. The sooner you let us know about your needs, the better we can assist you in achieving your learning goals at Queen's. For further information, please visit Student Wellness Services website at www.queensu.ca/studentwellness/