Electrical and Computer Engineering

Financial Support

The typical financial support package for Ph.D. and M.A.Sc. students usually consists of a research assistantship, a teaching assistantship and/or a scholarship. Top-up awards may be given to students who hold major scholarships such as NSERC. Master's students are eligible to receive funding for 2 years and Ph.D. students are eligible to receive funding for 4 years, providing good academic standing and satisfactory progress toward the completion of the degree. Student income typically ranges from $17,500 to $30,000 per annum, depending primarily upon whether or not an external scholarship is held.

International students may be awarded additional tuition support to cover the difference between international and domestic tuition fees. International students who have full government funding or industrial sponsorships do not qualify for additional university or department funding.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships (TA) involve approximately 84 hours of work per term and are offered, based upon Departmental needs, to full-time students in the first two years of the Master's program and the first four years of the Ph.D. program. A limited number of TA positions are available. For detailed information please see Teaching Assistantship website.

Research Assistantships

Research Assistantships are determined by the supervisor and amounts may vary through out the student's program.

External Scholarships

Applications submitted annually in October

NSERC: Masters: CGSM $17,500 PGSM $17,300 per year;

Ph.D.: CGSD $35,000 for up to 3 years PGSD: $21,000 for up to 3 years

Ontario Graduate Scholarship : OGS $15,000 per year - applied for annually

Internal Queen's Scholarships

The Department nominates students to the Graduate School for any internal scholarships that may be available. The student does not submit an application.