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Welcome Future Computer Engineering Students!

Did you know recent surveys have shown that Electrical and Computer Engineers are amongst the highest demand university graduates and that Computer Engineers are listed amongst the professions with the highest quality of life?

What distinguishes a computer engineer from a computer scientist, is that the computer engineer has a detailed knowledge of circuits, electronics, digital logic, and hardware design in addition to mastery of software design and implementation. Furthermore, a computer engineer can have expertise in signal processing and communication systems for the broader application of computer hardware and software design, ranging from standalone embedded computers for intelligent sensing and control of physical systems such as those in automobiles to the protocols and complex software that manage the operation of the highly-interconnected global Internet.

Computer Engineers deal with the architecture, design, implementation, and verification of the hardware and software for computing systems that are increasingly being used in embedded or networked environments.

Our Computer Engineering program offers a broad range of supporting course material to prepare you for your chosen profession. In the hardware area, courses cover digital logic and digital systems engineering, computer organization and system architecture, microprocessors, and integrated circuit engineering. Software courses include programming languages, data structures and algorithms, operating systems, real-time software design, databases, compilers, software requirements analysis, formal methods in software engineering, and techniques for human-computer interaction. Computer communication network courses include material on reliable and secure information transfer protocols, switching and routing through multipath networks, and wireless networking.

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Undergraduate Program Assistant
Irina Pavich
Tel: (613) 533-6000 x 75346
Office: Walter Light Hall, Room 416
Email: irina.pavich@queensu.ca

Chair of Undergraduate Studies
Professor Ahmad Afsahi
Tel: (613) 533-6000 ext. 33068
Office: Walter Light Hall, Room 421
Email: ahmad.afsahi@queensu.ca