Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE Innovation Stream

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Innovation Stream

Note: ECE Innovation Stream appears as "Engineering - Direct Entry Electrical and Computer (BASc)" on the OUAC platform.

Join the Innovation Stream!

Join the ECE Innovation Stream and become a part of shaping one of Queen’s newest developing engineering programs. This competitive program selects 50 students per year to learn about the fast paced world of innovation and product development, while simultaneously offering the in-depth, world-class technical education that is the hallmark of Queen’s Engineering. If you have a clear vision of how you want to apply your education in engineering and a passion for innovation and entrepreneurialism, apply for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Innovation Stream today.

Network of Engineers and Innovators

The ECE Innovation Stream has a focus and commitment to providing students with resources that help to actualize innovative ideas and products. In addition to the support of our accomplished faculty members, the innovation stream facilitates relationships between students and the Queen’s University innovators network. ECEi also works in collaboration with the Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre (DDQIC) and the newly established Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI) program to provide a wide range of opportunities and support to our creative students. Queen’s also offers opportunities to collaborate with the larger world of innovators and attend conferences around the world.

Enriched curriculum

The ECEi program offers the unique opportunity to combine the flexibility of the Electrical and Computer engineering curriculum with complimentary business concepts and courses. Beginning in first year, ECEi students receive an enriched curriculum that builds on Engineering’s common first year and receive direct entry into either Electrical or Computer Engineering. In the upper years of the programs, students will receive the opportunity to tailor their program to their unique technical interests whilst simultaneously learning about entrepreneurial practice and launching a new venture.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

In addition to the flexibility of the electrical and computer engineering program, the innovation stream has a heavy focus on product development and prototype demonstration in a team based environment. We offer many opportunities for students to show off their ideas and implementations in hackathons, business pitches, and venture launches. Students will spend time learning new skills for modern project development at the SparQ studios. This includes free workshops on 3D printing, CAD modeling, woodworking, CNC Mill, electrical and software modelling, soldering and more.