Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering Program

Welcome Future Electrical Engineering Students!

Did you know recent surveys have shown that Electrical and Computer Engineers are amongst the highest demand university graduates?

Electrical Engineers deal with telecommunications, computers, signal processing, robotics, biomedicine, transportation, industrial process control, electrical power generation and distribution, and design and operation of industrial machinery.

The Electrical Engineering program is intended to prepare graduates for careers in this broad discipline. Fundamental courses in electric and electronic circuits, electromagnetics, signals and systems, applied mathematics, amongst others in second and third year provide the basis for specialization in a number of areas through more advanced elective courses in signal processing, digital and wireless communication, control systems, electric machines, robotics, power electronics, microwave and optical communication systems, and integrated circuit engineering. The Electrical Engineering program also incorporates core and elective courses in digital logic, computer systems, and software for additional breadth.

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Electrical Engineering Contacts

Undergraduate Program Assistant 
Irina Pavich
Room 425, Walter Light Hall
Telephone: (613)533-6000 ext. 75346
e-mail: irina.pavich@queensu.ca

Chair of Undergraduate Studies 
Professor Ahmad Afsahi
Room 421, Walter Light Hall
Telephone: (613) 533-6000 ext. 33068
e-mail: ahmad.afsahi [at] queensu.ca