Electrical and Computer Engineering


Main Office: Room 416, Walter Light Hall
Tel: 613-533-2925
Fax: 613-533-6615


A. Afsahi

A. Afsahi
Chair of Undergraduate Studies
Office: WLH-421
Phone: 33068
ahmad.afsahi [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: parallel and distributed processing

Alireza Bakhshai

A. Bakhshai
4th Year Advisor
Office: WLH-404
Phone: 36332
alireza.bakhshai[at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: power systems and electronics

S.D. Blostein

S.D. Blostein
3rd Year Advisor
Office: WLH-415
steven.blostein [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: communications and signal processing

J.C. Cartledge

J.C. Cartledge
Professor & Queens Research Chair
Office: WLH-516
Phone: 32935
john.cartledge [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: optical communication systems

Dr. Geoffrey Chan

W.-Y.G. Chan
Chair of Graduate Studies
Office: WLH-517
Phone: 32939
geoffrey.chan [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: speech and communications signal processing

Dr. Thomas Dean

T.R. Dean
Associate Professor
Office: WLH-407
Phone: 36482
tom.dean [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: software systems

Dr. Suzan Eren

Suzan Eren
Assistant Professor
Office: WLH-406
Phone: x77827

Research Interests: control systems and signal processing techniques for power converters used in micro-grids and renewable energy applications.

Dr. Brian Frank

B.M. Frank
Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)
Professor, DuPont Canada Chair in Engineering Education Research and Development
Office: BMH-305
Phone: 75426

Research Interests: silicon microwave circuits, engineering education and assessment

Alois P. Freundorfer

A.P. Freundorfer
IEEE Student Branch Counsellor
Associate Professor
Office: WLH-413
Phone: 32943
al.freundorfer [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: integrated circuits and electronics

S. Gazor

S. Gazor
2nd Year Advisor
Office: WLH-411
Phone: 36591
s.gazor [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: signal processing and communication

Dr. Michael Greenspan

M. Greenspan
Department Head
Office: WLH-419
Phone: 74948/ 77736
michael.greenspan [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: computer vision and image processing

K. Hashtrudi-Zaad

K. Hashtrudi-Zaad
Office: WLH-427
Phone: 32991
keyvan.hashtrudi-zaad [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: robotics and control systems

P.K. Jain

P.K. Jain
Professor & Canada Research Chair
Director, ePower
Office: WLH-519
Phone: 36829
praveen.jain [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: power electronics and systems

I.-M. Kim

I.-M. Kim
Office: WLH-602
Phone: 77672
ilmin.kim [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: communication systems and networks

M.J. Korenberg

M.J. Korenberg
Office: WLH-426
Phone: 32931
korenber [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: systems and algorithms

Y.-F. Liu

Y.-F. Liu
Office: WLH-410
Phone: 36731
yanfei.liu [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: power electronics

Dr. Nariag Manjikian

N. Manjikian
Associate Professor
Office: WLH-402
Phone: 75128
naraig.manjikian [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: computer hardware and parallel processing

Dr. Evelyn Morin

E.L. Morin
Acting Associate Head
Office: WLH-515
Phone: 36562
evelyn.morin [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: biomedical systems

Dr. Ravi Prakash

Ravi Prakash
Assistant Professor
Office: WLH-408
Phone: 79215

Research Interests: implementing polymer semiconductor materials for disposable sensors and detectors, and wearable devices.

Dr. Karen Rudie

K. Rudie
Office: WLH-414
Phone: 32966
karen.rudie [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: control systems

C.E. Saavedra

C.E. Saavedra
Office: WLH-518
Phone: 32807
carlos.saavedra [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: communication circuits

S. S-H. Yam

S. S-H. Yam
Associate Dean of International Projects
Office: WLH-701
Phone: 75235
scott.yam [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: optical communication systems and devices

S. Yousefi

S. Yousefi
Associate Head - on leave
Office: WLH-422
Phone: 32936
s.yousefi [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: communication systems and networks

Dr. Ying Zou

Y. Zou

Associate Professor & Canadian Research Chair (Tier II).
Office: GOO-731
Phone: 34697
ying.zou [at] queensu.ca

Research Interests: software engineering