Electrical and Computer Engineering

Office and Technical Staff

Main Office: Room 416, Walter Light Hall
Tel: 613-533-2925
Fax: 613-533-6615

Support Staff

Administrative Services

Victoria Drysdale - ECEi Experience Coordinator WLH-302 32830 victoria.drysdale@queensu.ca
Debra Fraser - Graduate Program Assistant WLH-424 32179 fraser.d@queensu.ca
Mary Gillespie - Departmental Assistant WLH-416 75344 mary.gillespie@queensu.ca
John McKay - Department Manager WLH-420 74948 john.mckay@queensu.ca
Grier Owen - Research Administrator WLH-423 36078 grier.owen@queensu.ca
Irina Pavich - Interim Undergraduate Assistant WLH-416 75346 irina.pavich@queensu.ca
Cheryl Wright - Office Assistant WLH-416 32925 cheryl.wright@queensu.ca

Technical Services

Steve Babcock - Computing Engineering Technologist WLH-405 75687 steve.babcock [at] queensu.ca
Steve Humphrey - Computing Engineering Technologist WLH-406 36442 steve.humphrey [at] queensu.ca

ePower Laboratory

Jeananne Vickery - Project Admin WLH-108 33199 vickeryj [at] queensu.ca